Kain Highwind

Kain Highwind

Series: Final Fantasy IV (4)
Debuted: Otakon 2012
Status: Active


My first real attempt at armor. Definitely needs improvements, but I’m pleased for the most part. The spear is actually 4 parts which I can break down for travel.


Mio Kuroki

Mio Kuroki

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Debuted: Katsucon 2012

Status: Active


Had a bit of corset!fail, but I’m happy with the rest of this monstrosity.

*photos by droo.ca

I Object To Your Face

Steampunk Edgeworth and Franziska

Young Miles Edgeworth and Franziska Von Karma

Series: Phoenix Wright
Debuted: Otakon 2011/AnimeUSA 2011
Status: Active


For Edgeworth, the theme leaned more towards London Dandy. Fran leaned towards the ‘Wild West’ to go with her riding crop. Both were based off of the ‘Young’ versions as seen in Ace Attorney: Investigations.

Otakon 2011 Gallery Up and More Pictures

Our Otakon 2011 Convention galleries are up!

I’ve also got some new pictures of Frost, Dark Mercury and Steampunk Franziska von Karma ready for their individual pages, but here are some now.


Custom Buttons

Are you an artist who would like to try selling buttons in the Artist Alley but don’t want to invest a ton of time and money on a button machine and supplies? Well, I may be able to solve your little dilemma.

I make custom buttons from your art for you to sell. I don’t care whether you make fan art, original art, webcomics, hentai… whatever you want, as long as it’s NOT official art. Buttons are a great way to draw guests over to your table and are a great ‘impulse purchase’ item to pad out your profits.

So what makes this different than the other button making sites out there? Well, for one thing, I am willing to do very small batches of buttons AND there is no minimum on the quantity of each button. You want to do 2 buttons of 5 different designs? You got it! You want 50 different buttons? You got it!

Prices begin at $.50 a button for 5-50 buttons and we can negotiate a lower price for larger batches or repeat business. Most artists sell these buttons for $1 or more.

The Specifics

  • All artwork should be sent as .psd or .png.
  • Files should have a dpi of at least 200.
  • Art should have a bleed of at least 1/4″


1 inch

That's a quarter for comparison


Dark Sailor Mercury

Dark Sailor Mercury

Name: Ami Mizuno
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Debuted: Setsucon 2011
Status: Active


2nd Place Hall Cosplay, Journeyman Division – Setsucon 2011

2011 Con Season

Con season has started for me!

Thus far we’ll be at:
Setsucon (State College, PA – January 29-30)
Katsucon (National Harbor, MD – February 18th-20th)

I will also be trying to Otakon and AnimeUSA, but I won’t know for sure until later.

My button queue is still open for up to 500 more pickups, so if you still need 1″ buttons to sell at either convention, contact me ASAP. I’m also still open for shipped orders for April and later.

The current stock includes the usual parasols, buttons, etc, but I’ll also be bringing some plastic canvas cross-stitch and hair clips. If you have a request, talk to me ASAP so I can make sure I have what you want.

I will also be giving the ‘Parents and Fandom’ panel at Setsucon.