Do you style wigs?

I’m not sure why people are under the impression that I don’t. I will happily style a wig for you, at the same rate per hour as my costume commissions.

I’m a crossplayer, can you make me a costume?

As long as you provide me with accurate measurements as well as information on whether your will be padding/binding, I can make a costume suitable for your body type.

Why are your prices so high? I can get a costume off of ebay for less than $100.

In reality, my charge per hour is much less than most seamstresses. Even so, I won’t work for less than a living wage. I also use quality materials and don’t use the ultra-cheap fabrics unless I am requested to do so.

In regards to ebay costumes, you get what you pay for. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a decently made costume. Sometimes you’ll get a poorly made costume out of cheap materials that take months to be shipped from China.

My budget is really small, what can I do to negotiate a lower price?

I will not budge on my charge per hour, but there are some ways to negotiate a lower price.

1. First off, let me know what your budget is so I can start coming up with ideas.

2. The materials fee is variable. You can request broadcloth cotton instead of the materials I would normally use, request that I don’t line an item, etc.

3. You can ask for different techniques to be used. Instead of having me embroider a border, you can request puff paints instead, which is faster but less accurate. Instead of making an under-kimono or dress, I can use padded hems or panels to create the illusion to cut down on the labor charge.

4. You can ask for me to skip some details. If something is quilted in a reference image but it doesn’t matter to you, I can skip that detail and lower the amount of man hours needed for the costume. The same goes for embroidery, beading, and other time consuming work.

Why can’t you make *ridiculously complex costume* in two weeks?

I get a lot of requests for costumes with lots and lots of detail to be done in a matter of a few weeks. Please understand that not only do these costumes take a lot of time to complete, but I often have to order specialty materials online which take a week or two to be delivered. If I have time in my schedule for a rush costume, I will do it, but you will pay the rush fee.

A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. Please start the commission process at least 2 months before you need your costume and even earlier if the costume is particularly complex.

Why don’t you have ‘ready-made’ costumes?

I prefer to make quality, well-fitting costumes rather than ‘off the rack’ costumes. On occasion I will sell a completed costume that another customer defaulted on or a used costume that I no longer need, but this site will never become a costume warehouse.