You must provide me with at least three or four reference images of the costume or wig you want before I will give you an estimate. I will base my estimate on the detail provided in those images and will produce the costume based on those images. If you provide me with inaccurate, blurry, or tiny images, you will not get an accurate costume.

You must specify an exact deadline. Allow 2 or 3 months at the least, especially if you need a costume in the summer or for Halloween. Costume commissions requested with less than 1 month before the deadline will have a $50 rush fee added on.

You must specify materials if you have specific ones in mind. If you do not specify, I will make the costume out of the most accurate and least expensive materials I can find.

If you have any special requests or changes to a costume, decide on them before requesting a quote. I will happily change colors, add zippers, make skirts longer, make a matching bag, or add other such touches as long as I am told beforehand. If you tell me after I have started a costume, the changes will incur a $25 fee in addition to the cost for the man hours required to implement these changes.

Make sure the measurements you send are accurate. This includes your bust, chest, hip, and waist size. Don’t guess. There are resources available to help you take the best measurements possible. Accurate measurements help me estimate material fees and make sure your costume will fit. I cannot give a refund on a costume that does not fit due to being given inaccurate measurements.

How Estimates Are Determined

When I have received your reference images, personal measurements, and any specifications, I will do a general search for supplies. This will be the estimated materials cost.

Next, I will estimate the amount of man hours and multiply this by $20. Remember, this is an estimate and the actual required number of man hours may change before the final price of the commission is calculated.

The shipping estimate is $10-15 for basic costumes and $15 for wigs (incl. wig head). Armor or props will be more expensive.

What a Costume Includes

Costume estimates do not include props unless they are specifically requested.
Costume estimates do not include footwear unless requested. You will be asked to provide me with the base shoe for bootcovers/modded shoes, because sizes vary so greatly I can’t guarantee a fit unless you’ve physically tried them on first.

Costume estimates do not include wigs unless requested. I can style a wig for you, but generally wigs will run between $50 and $200 dollars, so please budget accordingly.

When I send out the costume estimate, I will include a list that specifies which pieces of the costume I will make. Please be sure to carefully read this list so that we’re both on the same page regarding exactly what is going to be made.

Accepting a Commission

After reviewing the estimate, if you agree on the items to be made and the pricing estimate, I will send you a copy of these policies by e-mail with my signature. You must send me back a signed copy (either by e-mail or physical mail) before I will begin construction.

You will be sent progress pictures halfway through the construction process. This is your opportunity to request changes to the construction, as I will not make any changes to the completed costume without an additional fee. You will also receive pictures of the final product before the rest of the payment is requested. You may also request progress pictures at your choice of two other points in the construction process.

I will keep logs of all material purchases and hours spent on the construction in case my estimate varies greatly from the final result. I will also keep logs of all correspondence with you. It is expected that you will also keep logs of your correspondence with me.


I accept Paypal or personal check. If you choose to pay by check, be aware that I will charge a $25 fee for a bounced check, and that I will wait 5 days to make sure a personal check has cleared before starting construction or shipping a completed commission.

If you wish to pay me in two parts, the first half will be required BEFORE I will start construction. The second half will be due before the item is shipped out.

Return Policy

Refunds will NOT be issued for any reason except construction error on my part.

Refunds will NOT be issued if your measurements were inaccurate or if the reference images given were inaccurate.

If the costume does not fit due to a construction error on my part, I will alter it at no extra charge.

If the costume does not fit due to inaccurate measurements on your part, I will alter it at a rate of $20 per hour and you will be responsible for shipping costs.


You MAY NOT compete in a contest involving workmanship in a costume made by me UNLESS you are competing in a performance group and the judges are informed that the costume was commissioned.