Custom Buttons

Are you an artist who would like to try selling buttons in the Artist Alley but don’t want to invest a ton of time and money on a button machine and supplies? Well, I may be able to solve your little dilemma.

I make custom buttons from your art for you to sell. I don’t care whether you make fan art, original art, webcomics, hentai… whatever you want, as long as it’s NOT official art. Buttons are a great way to draw guests over to your table and are a great ‘impulse purchase’ item to pad out your profits.

So what makes this different than the other button making sites out there? Well, for one thing, I am willing to do very small batches of buttons AND there is no minimum on the quantity of each button. You want to do 2 buttons of 5 different designs? You got it! You want 50 different buttons? You got it!

Prices begin at $.50 a button for 5-50 buttons and we can negotiate a lower price for larger batches or repeat business. Most artists sell these buttons for $1 or more.

The Specifics

  • All artwork should be sent as .psd or .png.
  • Files should have a dpi of at least 200.
  • Art should have a bleed of at least 1/4″


1 inch

That's a quarter for comparison

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