Name: Toadette
Series: Super Mario Bros
Debuted: Halloween 2010
Status: Retired



Ice Climbers – Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Ice Climbers

Name: Nana and Popo

Series: Ice Climbers, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Debuted: Katsucon 2009

Status: Retired


I thought we were going to sweat to death.

AnimeUSA 2008 – MOAR Dr. Horrible and Engineer Cosplay

Diastelo wore Engineer and Yomiko Readman. I had Dr. Horrible, Medic and Wendy Earhart. Alas, my camera was made of fail and we only managed to snag a few shots on Saturday.

T-Mode 2008 Con Report

T-Mode was this past weekend (9/5-9/7) in Arlington, Virginia. I was volunteering most of the weekend, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I normally do, but what I did get has been posted up in the Convention Galleries.

Shout Outs

First off, the staff was wonderful and it was a pleasure working with everybody. Renee really pulled together everyone to make this con into a wonderful tribute to Lawrence.

The VA guests (Johnny Yong Bosch and Stephanie Sheh) were so much fun to see. I haven’t laughed that hard in a panel in a long time.

The Itachi cosplayer who I monopolized on Saturday evening: I hope I didn’t bore you to death and hopefully I’ll see you at AnimeUSA. Congrats to the rest of the Naruto cosplayers on the Masquerade win.

Geeks Next Door! Not only is the comic awesome, but they are very awesome people.  I love chitchatting with you guys.

The Geek Comedy Tour! Always fun to shoot the breeze with and as hilarious as ever.

The Game Room was awesome (so was the Gaming Director). F-Zero in the game room, I almost shed a tear. Also congrats to the fantastic Snake player in the SSBB tournament. That was amazing.

And to just about everyone else at the con: You guys made the con!

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