This is my abbreviated portfolio. Please see the links in the left menu to view examples by category or check out my Instagram for some action shots.
Custom Painted Parasols

Custom Cut, Etched, Stamped, Maille and Set Jewelry. The unique nature of stamping and maille mean I produce custom work at conventions.

Hair Accessories – Hair bows, kanzashi, and crystal work.

Custom sewn purses and other Accessories. I specialize in Japanese, Lolita and Custom prints.

Yes, I do draw as well.

Display – Varies greatly depending on the space and requirements of each convention, traffic flow, demographic of the conventions, restricted items, etc. In fifteen years I’ve adapted to whatever is thrown at me from surprise 4′ tables when they were supposed to be 6″ to finding an empty pipe and drape 10×10 when tables were supposed to be included. General gist of display is a primarily red and black color scheme with parasols up top (when allowed by height restrictions), hair accessories on one end, buttons on the other, and jewelry right smack in the center.

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