Kaylee – Firefly

Kaylee Name: Kaylee Series: Firefly Debuted: Katsucon 2006 Status: Active Notes Kaylee Frye is a cheerful and outgoing mechanic onboard the ship Serenity. It's hard to keep her down, and she always looks for the best possible outcome. On my good days, I can be just as overwhelmingly cheerful, and I'm certainly geeky enough to relate to that side of her. The coveralls came out great, and buying a used pair really gave them that authentic look. I'm annoyed that I was never able to get the right fabric for the jacket. Sure, I found something shiny and blue, but it's not brocade or silk, like the one in the show. The easiest part of this costume was modifying the coveralls and adding the patches. The hardest part of this costume was making the parasol. There's no easy way to draw a spiral, let alone paint one with three stripes. [gallery columns="2" orderby="rand" rel="lightbox" lightboxsize="large"]