11 Nov 2010


Name: Toadette
Series: Super Mario Bros
Debuted: Halloween 2010
Status: Retired


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7 Responses to Toadette
  1. Could I buy this costume from you?

  2. Are you able to sell us a pattern. My wife assures me she can make it no prob we have a girl who looks similar to yours. seriously its shocking. can we keep in contact? this would be perfect for Anime north 2012 and you and my wife can swap options (im so giddy its embarrassingly unmanly) anyway yeah plz reply back.

    • I can’t give you a pattern, because there isn’t really one. I can tell you how I did it though.

      The dress and vest are just patterned off of an existing t-shirt of hers. The bloomers are just standard harem pants. The hat is a standard fleece beanie on the inside. The mushroom shape comes from a giant circle that was stuffed (go easy on the stuffing) and gathered around the brim (headband?) of the beannie. The balls are just fabric covered styrofoam balls on a string.

  3. I love it!!! So cute!

  4. I loveeeeee it. Can you please email me what it would cost to make me a replica for my 15 month old? Thank you

  5. I absolutely love this and my daughter will be 16 moths in october. Could you make me one and how much would it be? This is adorable. My son is going to be mario and my older daughter going to be yoshi. Thank you 🙂


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