Name: Yomiko Readman
Series: Read or Die
Debuted: Tekkoshocon 2007
Status: Active


Originally, I was just going to make a costume for myself, but at the last minute, I went ahead and made a matching vest so that Kali could go as Wendy. While she’s a minor character in the OVA, she has a much bigger role in the TV series.

I made the coat and vest for this one from scratch, but I bought the skirt, shirt, tie, glasses, and other accessories from stores. The shoes I found in the back of my closet, and the book I got from my own collection. (I’ll admit right now that I own well over 800 books. Stop looking at me like that.)

Yomiko is near and dear to my heart because I too am addicted to reading and books. However, I have yet to exhibit any paper using abilities, and I have to work around a much smaller budget. Such is life.

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